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Frequently Asked Questions

If you were a new user just click on the link Register which is located on the home page.

Then it will redirect you to the form page where you need to fill the following fields:

  • Username: Enter the name of the new user.
  • Email: Enter the valid email id
  • Contact No. : Enter the valid phone number of the user
  • Password: Enter the password of any format
  • Confirm Password: Retype the same password that was entered earlier / previously.
  • Captcha: Type the text that is been displayed
  • Put a check mark for the sentence “By registering on Startxpo, you accept our Startxpo Terms of Use “, means you are abandon / agreed to  the terms and conditions of the startxpo site.
  • Finally click on the register button for submit/register.

If your shop has been listed,then customers can get more reviews of these shops that you had posted and hence they can find your shops quickly. Inorder to get more popularity of the shop this site allows the appropriate customers to keep in touch with and also grants the fame to the owners.

To delete your account you need to goto my_account-->settings--> delete_profile

Then confirm your password that you had used while registering and click on delete_profile button.

Step 1: If the user has already has an account and want to make the changes to his/her profile then click on my_account

Step 2: Goto settings -> complete profile

Next you need to fill the following details:
  1. Give the firstname and lastname of the legitimate user.
  2. Select the Gender
  3. Select the state, city, area and also enter the valid address
  4. Give your date of birth , valid phone number
  5. If any notifications are needed you can select an appropriate one.
Listing shops are very easy you need to just click on the button List_shops which is seen on the main page.

You will be redirected to the shops page where user need to enter his/ her shops details:

  1. Shop type: You need to select an appropriate shop that you are interested to shop.
  2. Sub Shops: Select the sub-shops that you want to list.
  3. Company Name: Enter the name of your company.
  4. Company logo: Browse to your computer to select any company logo that you have.
  5. Description: Give the brief description of your shop.
  6. Services offered: If you are providing / offering service for shops, then you need to select an appropriate ones.
  7. State and city: Select the state and city to which you belong to.
  8. Pincode and area: Enter the pincode, using this the particular area will be selected automatically.
  9. Sub Area: If you have any sub areas under the area you need to select it. Its kept as optional one.
  10. Enter the Building name, street and  also Landmark.
  11. Location: Enter the current location on the map.
  12. Enter your contact details like email id, landline no. and  mobile no.
  13. Press on the button to save and continue.

  14. Then it will be redirected to upload the images.
  15. Next page is to add your extra information for the shop which includes the hours_of_operation, Payment_modes. Then click on save and continue.
  16. Now your shops are been listed successfully. And need to wait for the approval/rejection of shops from the admin of startxpo.

To edit your shop you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Goto my_account-->Select shops--> Edit

To delete the listed shop, do following step

Step 1: Goto my_account-->Select shops--> Delete_List

Yes, you can register multiple shops based on the packages that are provided by startxpo.

Creating new ads can be done in  few seconds, just by clicking on the post_ad button which appears on the main_page and hence it will take you onto the post an ad page.

  1. Enter the Ad Title for the new ads.
  2. Select the category and sub-category
  3. Select the which type of an ad it is.
  4. Enter the price and check whether it is negotiable or not.
  5. Enter the brief description of  the new ad.
  6. Enter your contact details like name, phone number, email, state and city.
  7. Check that whether your details need to visible/available or not.
  8. Click on submit to post.
  9. Next page is shown to upload the images.
  10. Finally ads are been posted. And need to wait for the approval/rejection of ads from the admin of startxpo.

If customer is interested in your ad/shops then he/she can contact you using the details that you had provided while posting the ad/shop.

Contact details that you had provided during the listing a shop.

Contact details that you had provided during post an ad

When the customer selects the category/location of shop / ad from the main page and clicks on the search button he/she will be redirected to the page where the list of shops/ads that he/she has ask6ed for will be displayed.

Goto the particular shop/ad and click on the view_details, then customer can now send the messages using send_email.

To change or upload any new images for shops/ads you need to follow these steps:

For Shops : myaccount-->settings-->Shops-->Edit

For Ads: myaccount-->settings-->Ads-->Edit

To delete the listed shop, do following step

Step 1: Goto my_account-->Select Ads--> Edit

In the edit ad information, if you want to delete your6 own ad then click on the Delete Ad button.

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